found: recycled decor

10 Sep

today while searching for ideas for our next show (Bloomin Earth on Earth Day) i came across some peices you would never know were made from recycled findings.

John Dahlsen makes these totems from found plastic, driftwood, rubber objects like flip flops and stainless steel findings from objects collected along Australian beaches. Not that i want a beach to be filled with these kind of things, but i have a hard time trying to find discarded cool things in my area. Yah for a clean neighbourhood.

This woman from Lemon Oak Studio took one of her ‘treasure hunts’ along the train tracks… which is an excellent choice.

When i was younger i had to cross over train tracks to get to school… and i was always distracted by the things i found. Days later i would find random metal scraps and colourful rocks in my coat pockets. silly me for not knowing then what i know now! i could have been stashing since then (woah storage issue) or creating amazing things like these angels and valetine’s hearts.

They are Beautiful… Stunning… I just cant get enough. I know what my dreams will be filled with tonight. They have even taking photos of some pieces and turned them into greeting cards!! you see the opportunities for craft projects never end. Shop Lemon Oak Studios on Etsy

Perfect for my family would be these milk crates turned seating. We never have enough chairs, and we are always looking for more places to store our… junk.


this is cool.. but kinda funny

… shopping cart chairs. more fun with the wheels i guess

The folks at Volksware have taken discarded garments, and literally sewn them in a pile to create a carpet. jeeze. my house looks like that anyways.

Recycled Clothing Rug

repurposed furniture hose furnature

and a perfect yet simple repair for an old chair that has lost its seating, and an old hose. We have needed to buy a new hose each year (because we buy the cheapest one, and … leave it outside over the winter) so we have three hoses of which only one works… i wonder what else can be done with a garden hose???

my mind is just a whirl of ideas now… the Reuse It centers have a bulk supply of wood where you can find a number of bits to make your own furniture. never attempted furniture?? We are artists … we can do anything right?! like these mismatched painted boards make up the wood used for these small cabinets from Margart Taylor


patch cube lamp

and her patch cube lamp… which brings up a whole new area of what can a lamp be made from….

but i think that will have to be another post for another day.


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