recycled storage

25 Sep

If you are like me march is not the only time i need a full on house cleanup. It really comes when i have lost motivation to create, because the house is a disaster, or more commonly after a long stretch of a cold. Yah so its that time at our house.

We collect things. No. Correction… we dont throw things away. On a happy note we did cut down our cubside trash from three bags a week to one. but i also have a 100 containers around the house for the little things we are now trying to reuse.

Personally I need some ‘pretty’ containers, that are nice enough to leave in the open where they are accessible to everyone, and i came across so many ideas….

ONE: Shopping bag storage, stylish enough that i would carry the whole collection to the store with me (all with a wonderful photographic tutorial)

Beginner sewing instructions for this long skinny bag found on HGTV

A lenghty but oh so beautiful bag by Foofanagle.

and a beautiful one over at Yarnmonster including a great tutorial.

and last but not least this vintage pillowcase version of the drawstring bag. woo-wee shes a bute! from Calamity Kim

TWO: Everyone needs double duty furniture these days… for comfort and hiding stuff. i mean storing stuff.. tools. supplies. collections of random findings….

While this bench is for storing your garden supplies i think it would look fabulous in my front hall to store the 6million pairs of shoes my three person family owns. Tutorial on HGTV

Craftlog created these necklace hooks from two fabric covered blocks of wood!! hooks are totally useful anywhere in the house. i was just thinking of hanging a bunch in my bedroom to organize my vintage jewelry. i was going to use an antique bird hook set but these are really kinda cool, and… you can coordinate them with your decor.

You may have to drink a lot of water but i like this unique storage unit for small toys or collections … found on instructables

Frcll displays these already made record crates, where the boxes just clip onto a metal bar on the wall. Theres no instructions as this was something they made specifically for a client but why not visit a salvage store (reuseit center) and buy some old drawers, and super screw them onto a sheet of wood. i love that they are not just randomly hanging on the wall, but on a matching wood backing. it goes with the modern recycled look.

from laissezfaire (seen on HGTV)


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