holy smokes! someone recycled cigarette butts

19 Jan

Recycled Cigarette Butts mixed up with Wool Photo i say its ingenious. incredible. amazing … but how.

the creator, Chilean designer Alexandra Guerrero, did a lot of research including how to clean the butts, and how pure the product would be in the end [95% pure after a solvent cleaning process]

after she cleaned the filters they were shredded to create yarn (shown above)

read more [via treehugger.com]

or watch news reel

Alexandra’s Mantis project is proof that a little idea can make a huge difference. She may have only created a few items from her yarn, but when the day comes that her yarn is sold to the public wouldnt you rather use it? and at the time of the article on treehugger she had salvaged 5000 butts from the streets of Santiago de Chile, reducing landfil waste and street trash.

Poncho Made with Recycled Cigarette Butts and Wool Photo
Poncho :: Mantis Project, Alexandra Guerrero

A while back i decided to seperate my garbage as much as i could, to find what is being tossed in excessive amounts. first i discovered waterbottles filled the entire recycling bin. we axed that real fast, and if my husband must have bottled water he must now purchase the giant 4 litre bottles. we are saving up for a tap purifier. Next was paper. offices toss standard paper in the recycling, why cant homeowners. good. we were on a roll.

we hit a dead end when i noticed how many tim hortons coffee cups we had. i attempted to reuse them for plants, but found the plastic layer on the inside of the cup does not dissolve, even after 6 months burried in the garden. (yes it was gross pulling the full plastic sleeve from the compost soil)

so my quest continues to find uses for the coffee cup.

what is your most collected item?


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