vendor setup: colourful + unique tables

6 Mar

here are some of my favorite tables to help setup your OWN fabulous booth

I love the colourful blocks of wood used for this table, which she paired with a black table cloth.


Display Blocks :: Nightingayle

i also really enjoy the bright colour used at this table. in fact there are so many unique display items at this table i would probably run to see hers.

my valentine's day booth by thecupcakery girl.
by thecupcakery girl

Keeping along the line of reusing + eco friendly i think this jewelry rack is just great.

stART in the PARK June 1, 2008 by ctomt

as always i love adding vintage items into my tables, like this thrifted travel case. why dont they make them like this anymore?

convention2 by Little Miss Stich.
by Little Miss Stich

or a vintage dish to keep small things looking neat

Cards & Buttons by Lauren-Go-Lightly.
by Lauren-Go-Lightly

felt club :: pins. by ohhellofriend.
by ohhellofriend

(in fact i really like that that this artist used a block to display the price)

Colourful buckets and tall racks are fabulous for getting the maximum amount of space out of your table

Makers' Market Holiday Show '08 by Needlings.
by Needlings


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