fleamarket junk in the garden

18 Mar

The sun is shining… the weather is warmer… and i am feeling myself drawn to the yard. It needs a lot of cleanup, but it also could use a few special touches.

Light Fixture Vase :: diyideas.com

Old Heating Vent Rack :: diyideas.com


Tin Can Lanterns :: diyideas.com

i know i have posted about lanterns like this before, but these ones with colour strike my fancy this year. ooh if only more cans were painted this way still.

Fencing turned into a Trellis :: diyideas.com

Outdoor Chandellier :: diyideas.com

Flagman Table 1.jpg

Flagman Table :: Instructables

Blue painted cans act as a wall container, Toronto, Canada by  Happy Sleepy.

One gallon pizza sauce containers painted with rust paint,  Toronto, Canada by Happy Sleepy.

Pizza Sauce Planters :: Happy Sleepy

This creative gardener even offers instructions on how to create your own wall garden. I’m on a personal mission to collect large cans, although i think mine will be the jumbo coffee cans, and i am going to leave them in their original colours. I like to mix it up

Refrigerator Storage :: RococoPop

i love this simple idea too. and take my word for it.. if the fridge still has a seal on it, things inside will stay relatively cool. Boy do i miss by old old fridge.


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