setting up your booth

27 Mar

Design your booth in a way that makes it accessible without infringing on your neighbor… there is nothing worse than arriving to your personal booth space to find someone else’s table sitting in it. Remember: Everyone has paid for their respective space, whether they use all of it or not… its theirs to decide. In most cases additional space can be purchased from the organizer

Create a flow of traffic… make it easy for shoppers to peruse you wares, and finally pay for their finds without interfering with those who are just starting to look. setting up your ’till’ at one end of your table/booth is one way to ensure this.

Make sure its visible… this applies to a number of things, starting with your product. if someone is across the room, can they see what you are offer? perhaps use some levels on top of the table. Is your business name visible? Are your prices visible? Not many customers will want to ask you for a price, plus if things get busy you may not be able to answer. Lastly, are YOU visible. if a customer does have a question they shouldn’t have to search to find the salesperson.

Be Noticeable… you want to draw attention to your booth and show off all your hard work (without interfering with other vendors of course).

Use Marketing techniques… like telling the story behind your craft. Customers who you interact with will be more likely to buy your products. They feel more comfortable with you if you are relaxed with them. Dont overwhelm your shoppers though… how many of us really enjoy the tactics of the retail sales person who greets you with “what do you want to buy from me today?”

Be excited and enthusiastic and friendly… and the best way to do that is to get a good nights sleep. Dont craft until 2am. Dont fuss with tags or last minute projects. Just relax and sleep. You will feel so much better during the show, and your kindness will shine thru.

Before you arrive at the show:

there are a number of things you have to prepare yourself for.. making change, giving receipts, taking custom orders (or future jobs), and making everything look as smoooth as butter. customers may feel as though they are a bother if you are franticly looking for a pen to take down their name and phone number. a wonderful friend sparked my creative bug when she sent me this stationary holder…

mobile studio :: Bitter Betty Industries

Wouldn’t this be great to case all the necessities for a show? Pack it with all those things you need for each sale, plus its a unique way to store your money.

Here is a list of some common things you will need, thanks to GetCrafty and blogger Christy Peterson

Christy’s Show Checklist

Most Important

Big Bulk
__folding table (if not already supplied)
__chairs (if not already supplied)
__clothes rack
__full length mirror? (grreat idea!)

Stuff, Stuff, Stuff
__business cards
__business card holder
__ribbon, twine, string
__notebook for mailing list sign-up
__receipt book
__bags to put purchases in

Tool Box
__needle and thread
__safety pins
__hole punch

Your Comfort

You really must must check out her site too… its perfect and simple. offers everything a blogger should have. but we can discuss blog nessesities later


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