tutorial: flowers for mom

9 May
Pom Pom Flower Branches

PomPom Yarn Flowers :: Domestifluff

bunch of recycled flowers by Martina-craftyna.

Painted Flowers From Plastic Bottles :: Martina-Craftyna

From what i can see (since there wasnt a tutorial)  looking at the blue flower with orange polka dots, she used the mouth of the bottle as the center of the flower. each flower seems to be made following the same, but she has altered the cut style for each petal.

here is a possible tutorial to follow:

  1. Cut of tops and bottoms of bottles and make a clean edge.
  2. Divide into sections visually and cut from edge as far down as you can. Shape ‘petals’. Prime and let dry.
  3. Wrap wire around neck of bottle to create stems. (i would start wrapping about 2″ into the wire. when wrapped about four times, twist the 2″ that we left hanging over to the long wire, to add strength to the stem.) or use a cork to plug the mouth, and insert wire right into the cork.
  4. Make fine wire into three or four twisted pieces together, top each with small ‘found’ beads to create the stamins. Insert into cap area.
  5. Paint with acrylic paints and spray with acrylic varnish for longer lasting finish if for outdoors.

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