Happy Birthday RareFunk!!

5 Jun

RareFunk officially opened June 5th 2008 with items from about local 14 artists, and a few previously loved items. Now, ONE YEAR LATER, they have exactly 90 artists selling their funky unique handmade works at this little diamond in the rough on Duke st, Downtown Kitchener (ontario)


RareFunk, 8 Duke Street East, Kitchener ON

The artists come from surrounding areas of KW, Toronto, Montreal, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba … and just this year they have branched out of Canada showcasing their first artist from Australia!

Fathers Day @ Rarefunk by you.

tshirt: sweet, coasters: mike woodside , cards: WH designs , dress: its a lulu , remaining items: thrifted

To help celebrate the joy and excitement of ONE YEAR of Service, many artists are offering sales on all kinds of items. All month long you will find discounted items by Megan Kraatz, It’s a Lulu, Koriander, Kathryn Helwig and Chicki.

Fathers Day @ Rarefunk by you.

jar lid pins: gnarled branch, glass pins: sweet

BONUS: By shopping at Rarefunk during the month of June you will have a chance to win a $50 gift certificate for the shop.

Fathers Day @ Rarefunk by you.
pillow: throwbacks , magnets: Wh designs , coasters: WH designs , iron figures: iron beaver industries

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