tutorial: sticks inside the house

8 Dec
Woodland Snowflake Tutorial :: Pretty-Ditty

You can use these snowflakes to decorate the wall by hanging them on pins, toss them on a tabletop or bookshelf or hang individually from nylon thread to create a snowy sky around a ceiling lamp or over the bed. The tutorial suggests gluing the bits together, but i have to be different so i think i might wrap this silver thread around all the joints. I have had it for years… probably saving it for this very project

good housekeeping gift guideGift Decoration :: Amana Productions Inc./Getty Images

Mom and i used to sit at the kitchen table for days, creating ‘nature bundles’ packed with sprigs of evergreen, colored berries and little plastic floral accessories like wrapped presents or characters… gluing them all together, then gluing them to every present. maybe because of all that time spent, or maybe because i need my projects to be done in 5 min… i like the minimalist approach. one sprig in one single sting.

another easy (kinda) stick craft is the ever popular grapevine wreath.

DIY Grapevine WreathThe Standard Grapevine Wreath :: 2greenthumbs.com

At least it used to be popular to make them yourself. I searched for hours for a tutorial and only found ONE…  on ehow.  I remember freezing my hands off as my mom, aunt and i sat around the patio table one december (a rare december before the snow had come) making wreaths from the vines around her yard.

You should be able to still find a few, and wont feel so guilty because by this point their growth cycle is over. Soak them in water to make the vines more flexible. the longer the better… and inside the house would be wise. Not like us. Not like the ladies who thought it was nostalgic to sit outside in the brisk winter air making traditional decorations like the settlers did.

Pretty things dangle from a willow branch :: ayos about anthology decor

While this one is actually a display rack from a store, wouldn’t it look sweet with say glittering paper stars or tiny christmas decorations. Perfect if you dont have room for a full sized tree, and an alternative to the sticks in a vase… although i really love that look too.

Centerpiece :: Perfect Bound

i wonder … if you omitted the water, and found a container that you can drill a hole into the back… wonder how stunning this would be covered in the tiny fairy lights?

If your yard is like mine (or perhaps a neighbour’s) and the giant branches just toss themselves into the air, landing in a massive pile on the lawn… then you have the perfect materials for these next two projects. a coat rack or a curtain rod from a stong branch.

2007_03_07_hook.jpgCoat rack from a branch :: Apartment Therapy

Tree Branch Curtain Rod :: DIY ideas

I have no where to put something like this.. but wow this tree branch chandelier is fabulous

TreeBranchChandelier120408.jpgTree Branch Chandelier Tutorial :: Apartment Therapy found via Craft:Magazine


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