Brand New Idea

8 Jan

okay so its not totally new if you know me personally… but the name is. and that’s a start.

in fact this is a start of something new. a community of bloggers all writing with a common purpose — recycled crafts. i personally have always held onto random things because i knew one day i would have a fabulous idea to make it into something new. little did i know it would take 30 years to do something about it. here… right here. where you are reading will be projects, shop items, and ideas for recycling everything in your house.

seriously … remember when there was no walmart? or even further back — no department stores. aside from disease, everyone was able to make or remake their possessions with the few items surrounding them before the 20th century… why cant we? wouldnt that be a super way to help save the environment because it wasn’t the Romans who burned a hole in the ozone…. it was technology of this wonderful century.

and this is only the beginning….


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