heart happy

15 Jan

dont get too comfortable… just because christmas is over doesnt mean the holidays end. Valentine’s Day is coming, and if your planning on making your own gift its best to start early. last year i personally learned the hard way. i ran into issues with the project not working out… and i wasnt finished in time. boo on me, but lesson learned.

ideas for home decorations…

this photo made me imagine tiny hearts hanging from a tree.

Pick a Heart by -Sunny- *mostly away/moving*.

Pick a Heart :: Sunny

i have yet to find a way to waterproof handmade hearts, but keep the project easy … so this is an indoor project. perfect for little kids.

need: tall tin can (apple juice tin), dirt, branches (i have red ones we found along the side of the road), paper hearts, glue, string

cut hearts out of coloured paper, child’s drawings, fabric, handpainted paper or wallpaper.

for each decoration: you will need two hearts (front + back). glue the two hearts together with a loop of string so it sticks out the top.

for the container: fill the can 3/4 full with dirt. stick your branches in. once your hearts are dry hang them on your branches.


we were in a hurry and couldnt wait for our glue to dry (sigh, what a princess) so grandma ran to the dollarama and found these lasercut disco like plastic hearts. they even have little wire rings (like a keyring) on them already which i thought was also a fabulous idea for our own creations. i will post them once they have been added to the love tree.

ideas for gifts…

this gorgeous hand cut heart has my mind spinning with ideas.


acrylic heart on paper :: nicci washere

there are no instructions as to how this was created, but i will try and get the basics down for you. please respect the artist and do not copy her artwork directly.

roughly cut heart from corrugated cardboard. perfection is not the goal here. misshaped, rugged and uneven add to the uniqueness. if you have access to gesso paint a layer on each side. (i found mine at walmart for $3) once dry start splashing on some base colour. when adding the details think doodles. different sized brushes will help you draw thin lines. oh and acrylic tipped brushes work best (for myself) when working with the thickness of acrylic paint.

for the beginner… acrylic paint is the crafter paints sold at dollarstores, discount stores and even michaels. they are usually under $2/bottle. if you want to add more details (like the black drawings over the roses) sharpie is the best–fine tipped.

for my own heart cards, im going to write a love quote, or thought on the back… ooh idea… make a few, and write your favorite things about your lover – one on each card.


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