Spring pinecone crafts

2 Apr


After moving into a beautiful newly renovated house I find myself a little detached from my eclectic recycled style. I mean everything is so clean and new, compared to my mismatched and handmade. Despite my husband desire to cut out all the nicknacky things… I am going to attempt to bring it back. Maybe this time replace the new pillow with old – not just add to the massive collection.

Modern + sleek is still possible with organic and recycled bits.

The iside of the house is coming along, but the outside was calling our names today. The little princess collected a box full of mini pinecones, meaning I needed to find a craft for them…

Pinecone + ribbon garland

Mini pinecone trees

Spring wreath

Pinecone earrings

But I love these best of all…
Mini pinecone magic wands

Goes well with our new fairy house

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