Giant list of Ontario Handmade Shops

5 May

as an artist, i often catch myself thinking about expanding my market; attempting to reach people beyond my city. While craft shows allow you that one time chance, showcasing your goods in a shop on a regular basis is by far the best way to do it. and easiest. Aside from the question of how to get your things there (which we can talk about later), i often find myself asking WHERE can i take them.

Amidst my online journeys i came across Handmade in PA. Not only do i LOVE their site but they created a google map of all the shops carrying handmade goods in the Pennsylvania State! fabulous! ingenious! …. why didnt i think of it sooner.


i am building one for ONTARIO!

a lot of you also want a list of thrift shops. That is a possibility. Two separate maps. Two great resources!

leave a comment of shops you know of, or shops you sell at. (if you can please include their website or address)

Hopefully this will be out in time for summer holidays… the faster the shop names come in.. the faster the map is created. In the meantime i will add all your suggestions to our SHOP page (found under the cute birds in the tree)


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