UPDATE: April Stash Bust

5 May

The Stash Bust is drawing to a close, ya’ll…how did you hold up? I have to confess that I hit the thrift stores last weekend for fabric. It’s festival season, and my stash was getting so low! Other than that one slip, I held up all month! How about you guys?

Since the Bust is almost over, I though it would be fun this time around to pick out some posts I really dug this month. Here are five of my faves!

  1. Croqzine gives you 15 ways to bust your stash.
  2. At Cosa Verde, Liz talks about using your scraps for packaging and promotion.
  3. Julie at Crafting a Green World has an excellent stash busty tutorial for making paper chains
  4. Scoutie Girl posted and interview with Phoebe from elSage, pro stash buster!
  5. Over at Craft Leftovers, Kristin Roach talks about using color theory to maximize your stash.

With all of this stash busting inspiration, maybe I won’t be hitting the craft stores as often, even now that the bust is officially over!

Via :: Glue and Glitter


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