Urban Street Bazaar.. its almost here

10 Sep

Our little Urban Street Bazaar is coming together so nicely it makes me want to kick up my heels and super spin like in the Japanese superhero cartoons! since i cant actually DO that, i thought i would share what is making it so great.
over the spread of the 4 days we have…

Tarot With Sue
Melissa Kristensen-Smith Photographic Art
The Osprey Nest ()
Designs by Jody Lee Miller
Bre Creative
Its a LuLu
Village Pauper
the salvaged hem
… with entertainment from Rose Cora Perry on Saturday Sept 25

we are trying to recreate a vintage marketplace of entertainers and vendors. interested in participating? feel you have something to add? register at http://urbanstreetbazaar.eventbrite.com

Stay in the loop by adding the event in facebook (http://www.facebook.com/remakeable?v=app_2344061033#!/event.php?eid=152841964742282&index=1)


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