dreams of vintage streets

25 Jan

while having an “old movie” sunday with the family, i finally realized what i really want for each and every show i organize. i want outdoor vendors selling everything you can think of in portable booths or wagons. i want the vendors calling things like “fresh fish” as you wander past. i want the dirty yet glamorous movie street markets from old movies like “My Fair Lady” and my ultimate favorite “bedknobs and broomsticks” …but there’s so much more, feelings i just cant describe. guess i just have to SHOW you…

i have to say im drawn to the european markets. they are so eclectic, and unique. i went to this really amazing street market in London England, for a school trip. Maybe its the fact that they are jammed into such a tiny space, their tiny tables overflowing with product, or maybe its that each one of them tries to talk to you. Mind you some are slightly harrassing, especially for a pushover shop-a-holic like myself. i think i bought something from each vendor i passed… until my girlfriends rescued me by dragging me away.  so many options, so many flavors.

Toronto manages to capture this feeling with the “City of Craft” shows. they jam a space with tables joined edge to edge. it feels squishy for sure, but it seems to attract an overwhelming amount of traffic. and that’s really the ultimate reason for having a show — to get shoppers. makes the event feel successful, and when the vendors make money, you as the organizer feel like you helped, like it was your success.

The kitchener Market is a space screaming for this atmosphere. it was amazing seeing the shoppers wandering about with smiles on their faces, even hours after i first saw them arrive. the white topped tents looked amazing against the colourful wares. i loved everything… but i felt like something was missing.

if you are planning on participating in the Bloomin Earth show this year, this is the idea im going to try and recreate.


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