help us gather supplies

27 Jan

hello friends,

if you are local to the KW area i am putting a request out there to help us gather supplies for the craft workshops to be offered at this year’s Bloomin Earth Eco-Fair (april 16th). The things we need are simple, as they are generally things you would toss in the trash or recycling bin, and even though i am obsessed with collecting and organizing these things in my own home… i just cant gather the quantity i need on my own.

we need:

  • cardboard food boxes – cereal, crackers, kraft dinner etc.
  • tin cans of any size – soup can, pop can, tuna even
  • scrap bits of metal – things like screws, bolts, nuts, broken (but not too sharp) metal thingys
  • buttons beads and bobbles – this kinda covers anything tiny, colourful and plastic (or wood).  our bucket usually consists of lost barbie shoes, broken hair accessories, beads of all kinds, buttons, sequins, toy accessories but we seem to be using it all up with our home crafting
  • beer bottlecaps
  • yarn (i know there are lots of uses for this one out there… so only pass our way if you really arent going to use it)
  • sheets, pillowcases or fabric you dont want

the event is in April, but  i wont make you store these things for that long. just let me know when your full, and i will have my errand fairy (aka husband) come pick them up.

just to make sure everyone else is as excited as i am… i have to share the final product your recycled items will become. for bloomin earth this year re-make-able is offering free workshops for all ages to make recycled dolls, nature masks, tin can robot statues and then you can play in the giant building blocks area to make a house, a maze or even a statue of yourself.  Eeeek so excited i cant seem to sleep — and its still 3 months away!


One Response to “help us gather supplies”

  1. Faith January 27, 2011 at 12:55 am #


    As far as gathering supplies goes, I’ll definitely see what I can do. ❤

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