Rent free space now available at Center in the Square

31 Jan

An incredible new direction has been taken by KW’s Center in the Square. In the past the center was for let’s say “famous” performers and their local symphony. By famous i mean big, international organized musicals or performers. When i was younger i saw “My Fair Lady” but was unaware at the time how great it was — and fell asleep. if only i could poke my 7 year old self and say “hey- pay attention! this is what you will love someday!!” A few short years later, i myself was up on that stage as my dance studio put on their Christmas shows.

To reach out to the many local but independent artists the Center is offering what was once their own Symphony’s rehearsal space (basically a smaller stage) for a rent free performance space. In return they are hoping the fans of such independent musicians will help spread the word about the big shows, and gallery happenings.

The Studio holds either 120 people (cabaret or banquet seating) or 240 (theatre seating) and has recently been updated with new lighting and sound systems. There is a short application process found at at or by calling 519-578-5660, ext. 0. Studio rates and room specifications are available at

The space is also available for rehearsals, auditions, receptions, annual general meetings, lectures, seminars and other activities.

Read more at the Record.


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