scrappy artist has captured my heart

12 Feb

i am so excited to have Morganna returning to the Bloomin Earth show this year i just had to share her creations. now this IS recycling. i love everything she creates and even though i told myself last year i would make a purchase, i just couldnt decide and left with nothing. well not this year baby!!

i love her setup of the displays. its so appealing to me with the jumble of colours mixed with the vintage housewares. i found myself in awe lastyear when i leaned in for a closer inspection of her creations, such incredible quality hidden under the fraying fabrics, like every stay hair was meant to be just exactly where it was. gaw. i am still in awe. and in love. THIS is a vendor you should not miss.

but dont get me wrong… there are many many incredible artists with talents to be discovered.

you may not share my passion for these particular pieces, but with so many vendors to see you’re sure to find your own obsession.

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