let this be a compassionate day

15 Feb

today there is a meeting at our Kitchener City hall to decide if the money given to the arts is retractable. basically they want to take some funding back, and the arts (like usual) is the most obvious place to take it from. who needs art right?

HOLY SMACKERS!! everyone!! every year there is a threat like this, and im sure its not just our city either. but art is your entertainment, your movies, your decoration of life… why does it seem like the first choice for everyone who is struggling with a budget?

of course i have a solution to their budget issues. Not like anyone will hear, it but here’s my shot…

the issue is that the art events the city supports are now proving to be too expensive. as an event organizer, i am quite familiar with the process of getting the support. the most important question, why go so big with everything? why pay $1000 for supreme printing to advertise events when there is a small print shop still offering quality work for 1/3 of the cost?  why ensure you use every cent of your budget if you can get by on a minimum. The Museum requested funding for the recent titanic exibit — which i hear was absolutely stunning and worth their funding request, but perhaps its the smaller events for which unnecessary funding is offered, that is ruining the game.  four years ago the city came to me and said “if i give you $500 can you run an event?” — and i did. now, each year they want to give me more so they can add more glamour to the show, which this year is 10,000 for which they have already decided (for me) how it will be spent. i understand beauty is more appealing, but it can still be done frugally.  i think the city should go back to teaching the community how to establish their own events, and only fund for the bare minimum – by way of grants.

As an interested community member, i would write a proposal/fill an application for lets say $5000 for tents and a space for my event. period. in return i would thank the city. everything else from that point would be my responsibility.

I love that the city wants to help these events grow, and i am not saying i dont appreciate all the relations and assistance i am getting from the city for my events…. but i recently noticed there is an overspending issue — which in turn is ruining it for those groups they were initially helping.

kinda like… “here let me help you — wait let me just do all that stuff there for you. oh snap.. well now i broke it. here have it back. runs away never to be seen again.

the events are not the only ones on the chopping block… museums and galleries, theaters, schools? (who are the people who receive funding assistance from the city?)

Council needs to see you, TONIGHT at Kitchener City hall (7pm)

we need to convince them the arts is not the place to cut, and if someone else could come up with a professional sounding proposal to present my thoughts — that would rock too.

Time: February 15, 2011 from 7pm to 10pm
Location: City of Kitchener Council Chambers
Street: City Hall
City/Town: Kitchener, Ontario
Event Type: council, committee, meeting

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One Response to “let this be a compassionate day”

  1. jan February 15, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    May as well say that what makes us human is too expensive. Institutions, politics and conglomerates of business interests did not come first in the history of human kind…arts did. The arts are WHO we are, take that away and what is left? Walmart?

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