rain rain go AWAY!

13 Apr

I can’t blame mother nature, because in reality she did warn us through her little song … “april showers, bring may flowers” but i am sitting here wishing + hoping + praying that this report will chance by the time Saturday comes around.

in case it does not, and the rain still comes, our wonderful Bloomin Earth festival will be moved entirely inside city hall ….

where there is lots and lots of room for all the fun activities we have planned.

despite the weather you may still see one vendor outside.


i am determined to be outside (and a little stubborn about it too). all day today i was sitting at my desk thinking about how much i hate that its going to rain. i feel like im having my birthday – and no body is coming. i am so angry with the weather that i even offered mother nature “anything” to have the rain go away. i know its strange that i am so so angry with an uncontrollable force of nature. and even more difficult to deal with lol

so i will likely be standing out there all alone under my tent, unless someone really convincing changes my mind.

wont you come say hi?


One Response to “rain rain go AWAY!”

  1. Jennifer Squires April 15, 2011 at 9:14 am #

    I’ve been ignoring the weather all week until today. It’s nice to hear that there’s a backup plan! What if you move inside and decorate your space with some lovely potted flowers? It would probably feel more spring-like than standing around on concrete anyways.

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