Colourful summer recycled tie bracelets

20 Jun

today my car died. the battery is finally pooched. i do not have a great eco friendly answer to fix it — other than walking until its fixed.

so i walked the kid to school, and i walked to get my coffee. but on my sojourn it dawned on me that summer is for bright sunny colours, and here i was in my office darks, tights and boots. can you say “boiling”? i ran home fast to change, to brighten my mood but i dont have a lot of sunny colours suitable for the office. instead i figured even a bright splash of colour would help … like these recycled necktie bracelets available from ReUseReNewReLove

she uses so many colourful fabrics, but my favorite part is the vintage jewel or button in the center. i need all of them!! … and definintely the boutineers (if that day ever comes)

be sure to check out tracie’s work on etsy, and the rest of the artists in our recycled craft group.

get YOUR colour on!

Via Flickr:
Available at ReUseReNewReLove

Created out of ReCycled ties and a vintage jewelry and buttons. I ReUse old materials and ReNew them into products you can ReLove.


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