kids camp looking for craft supplies

28 Jun

while reading through this mornings freecycle listings i came across this request — which is actually perfect to pass around to all our blog readers out there.

help a kids camp fill their craft cupboard…

Little Dragon Day Camp is beginning July 4 and runs for 8 weeks this summer. Because we are non-profit, we rely on donations to help us offset the costs of supplying bursaries to those who need a safe place for their child for a few weeks in the summer (we also have parents who are able to pay the full camp rate).  Because of the economy, donations are down and we need to cut costs somewhere, so we have been asking our parish for donations of craft supplies.  We do try and encourage our councillors to choose crafts that use materials that are recycled to help save the earth but there are some things that are needed to ensure that the children have supplies to decorate their crafts.  We have had quite a few donations, but we still need the following items:

– peel off foam stickers – any kind
– plasticine
– used greeting cards
– paper baking cups
– beads
– pom poms
– googly eyes
– paint – green, white, black and orange
– gimp for making necklaces and bracelets
– white paper to draw or color on
– modeling clay
– markers
– paper plates/pie plates
– small flower pots
– pipe cleaners
– baby food jars
– scrap booking supplies
– various types of balls – soccer, vollyballs, footballs etc.
– anything else you think that we might be able to use (we do have enough egg cartons)

If you had any of the above articles that you could donate to the camp team, the leader has offered to go around and collect the items from all of you. please email to arrange your pickup time.
check out their website


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