vendor call: Kitchener Square 2 Square Sunday July 17th

11 Jul

square 2 aquare, originally uploaded by reMAKEable.

Kitchener + Waterloo have created a massive event surrounding the “car free sunday” where one a month they will close the street from Kitchener City hall all the way to Waterloo Towne Square, opening the street to alternate forms of transportation such as walkers, bikers, and rollers. in fact i saw some pretty awesome custom bikes when i participated in the show last month.

i personally setup shop in the waterloo location — but i have a soft spot for kitchener and that is where i will be for each show from here on (after all, it IS the home of Bloomin Earth Eco-Fair)

… and the best part … Kitchener is offering free space to vendors. (if you register through Kava Bean for $25 you even get lunch!) the City of Kitchener will be providing tables, but tents will be your own responsibility.

That being said… gosh a tent is important. last weekend i decided to stand OUTSIDE my tent, and my skin is screaming at me for that mistake. i hear canadian tire has some UV tents for just over $100 … just make sure to leave one for me 🙂

contact or to reserve your booth at the Square2Square today!!


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