thinking of a late september show…

16 Aug

vendor market @ hype on king, originally uploaded by reMAKEable.

its a little late notice, but the city of kitchener has asked me to pull together a mini festival of artists, crafts and musical entertainment. it will be our 5th year of presenting shows, usually just an earthday event — but this september art + urban music mini festival has been a dream of mine for years. eons. for-ever!

right now im just looking to see who would be interested. we would purchase a licence to allow vendors from all cities, but i will tell you now, if you make body lotion or soaps you will need to have your own insurance (something has changed that the retail market permit no longer can cover these types of goods)

you can like the post on here, or on facebook to let me know if you would be interested in both attending or vending — i need to know both really.

in a week or so i will open up the registration for both artists and musicians so keep an eye on the blog (or facebook page

click the photo to see other shots of our first (and only) september show called Hype On King, or check out our earthday show at

will be outdoors, tents + tables provided. space approx $40 depending on the support of local shops.

HYPE it up baaaby!!


One Response to “thinking of a late september show…”

  1. The Straight Stitch August 16, 2011 at 12:45 pm #

    me! I’d come for sure 🙂

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