looking for some recycling bin junk

21 Mar

hello bloggy friends…

while i am a hoarder of things that should be going into the blue box, my collection is just not big enough for the plans i have. so i put it out there to you… i need some things from your recycling bin too.

please let me know if you can provide any of the following:

  • metal jars to glass containers — like pickle jars, cheese whiz, jams. any size but the bigger the better
  • magazines
  • toilet paper rolls
  • cardboard boxes — cereal, cracker, snacks etc.
  • sticks (this one is a long shot, but we are making nature mobiles at our upcoming Bloomin Earth. any other nature collectables would be great too)

… i do need the jar lids asap, but the rest i need by april 20. i will come pick them up so please email me asap remakeable@gmail.com

thanks y’all!!



One Response to “looking for some recycling bin junk”

  1. Kate April 5, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    Do you still need sticks? Bag going to curb soon with a bunch of sticks in it. You’re welcome to them!

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