Earth Day rocks in Kitchener for 2013

25 Jan

I’ve been away for a while, attempting to hit fame with my own crafty business, and i apologize. Hopefully you follow us on Facebook and Pinterest, because I’ve been in there like a crazy person. AAAnyways… I’m back and i have some fun stuff to share that i just can’t keep it inside anymore.

This year our earth day show is takin a big step … into awesomeness. We’ve all heard the suggestion that the passion for our planet should extend beyond “earth day”and I firmly agree… therefore Bloomin Earth is starting a new trend – Earth MONTH!

We are planning eco-friendly activities, lessons, seminars and discussions ALL MONTH LONG. Yeah. We are taking over city hall for the whole month!!

We are still in the planning stages, but i really couldnt keep this inside any longer. We hope to have a calendar released soon but here are a few things to keep your eyes open for…

  • Make a tshirt rugs
  • Save a sweater with felting
  • Revive old jeans with embroidery + beads
  • Beginner Weaving
  • Fabric Jewelry
  • Monster making (sewing for kids or beginners)
  • Massive clothing swap (proposed date April 20th) $5 + one bag of clothes

There will be a fee to attend, but we are working to try keep these as low as possible.

We also have plans to add Seminar’s for small business owners, helping you take the right steps towards success.

** We are still looking for leaders if you have a skill to share. It is a compensated position. Please see our online registration, or email meg at if you have any questions

AND KEEP WATCHIN THE BLOG, I’m back on track, and I won’t ever leave you alone for so long again.

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