Kids drawing contest for Earth Day Festival

4 Mar

I just love the unbound, unrestricted creativity children show when drawing; No rules about perspective or lines, no concerns about other liking or approving. They just draw what they see in their own imaginations… and oooh what amazing imaginations they have.

bees picture

SO … rather than just using our basic tree, or my own drawings, on our earth day tote bags, we are going to leave it up to the kids. We want to see is “what they will do to save the earth”, like growing their own vegetables, recycling, thrift shopping… or as simple as picking up trash.


5 drawings will be selected to print onto shopping totes that will be for sale at the festival, and online

Prize: a tote with your drawing + $20 gift card to art store (or maybe toys r us)

  • no minimum age. if your child can draw, they may enter. max age 12 though (to keep the illustrations simple enough for printing)
  • writing can be added if it helps describe their illustrations. The words “HOW I WILL SAVE THE EARTH” will be added by the printers
  • please draw (or trace over lines) with thin black marker. personally i love the thin sharpies for this.
  • include child first name ONLY and age at bottom of drawing
  • We will only contact the winners. Unfortunately, drawings cannot be returned.
  • Please include contact information on a separate sheet of paper: parent name, address, phone number.

Deadline: drawings must be received by MARCH 31ST, 2013

please mail completed drawings to our office: Megan Goos, 85 Ellis Cres South, Waterloo ON N2J2B7, or email to

…. so get drawing kiddies!! this one is all about YOU!


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