Bloomin earth was amazing – thanks to you!

27 Apr

First, mother nature, Thank you for finally seeing it my way. Sunshine IS way better than snow, wind and hail combined. Second I would like to thank all my eager and amazing vendors, performers and volunteers … Especially my two volunteers who graciously became assistants as I gave them way more than just volunteer duties.

Thank you Hilary, for backing me up and taking care of sales and stuff, sewing the week before the show, and staying up with me Friday to make sure everything would run smoothly. I couldn’t have done it without you!

And thank you Kim, for being my energetic and lively stage manager, entertaining the crowd with so little preparation… I know it probably drive you crazy with anxiety – but you were perfectly amazing!

My volunteers are always so eager, and I thank you for that. My vendors, are always so happy and understanding and I thank you for that.

… And the shoppers…

It may not make much sense, but without you and your kind words to my vendors this event would never move on from year to year. A happy shopper makes for a happy vendor, which makes for a lively event.

It’s you I must thank the most. Thankyou Kitchener-Waterloo for coming out to our Bloomin Earth festival at Kitchener city hall. I think we struck gold on this late April date, so watch for us next year on the last weekend of April.

Amazing day…
Amazing! No lie.


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