Kitchener has an earth day festival

24 Feb

Did you know Kitchener has an Earth Day Festival?? YES! Yes We do, and it’s quite an amazing one if I must say so myself…


This is our baby, and she’s eight years old now. Can you believe we started with only a small group of friends inside city hall? I think there were twenty of us back then, and now we see up to seventy crafters join us every year. The original plan was to turn this festival into one of those fantastic art-type shows crafters can only dream about, happening in big cities like Chicago and California … the ones that even if we could manage the distance, we could never profit over the fee. But my rule for our show – make it affordable. This is a startup city for many things , artist included. Most are just testing the waters or like myself, have a full time job.  So every year we brainstorm with a group of uber-crafty folk to make sure we outdo last years event, and keep it handmade right down to the setup and decor. As we enter our eighth year, i think this one will be hard to top.


This time around we have added more hands-on crafts and games which  usually intrigue the parents as well as the children. We have made more room for crafty vendors and environmental information stations. We’ve also shifted the show to later in the day to be sure even those working parents can make it out to some part of the show. This time change has also allowed more room for performers making for a full 8 hours of live music. Our REthreaded fashion show drew such a crowd last year  that we decided it needed a special time slot of its own – and to make a super special show of it – it will start at 7pm with all the fancy lights and setup of a real fashion show… and … we are leaving the judging up to the audience. We need you to decide on the winning outfit (PS. They will all be made using recycled materials created by local high school students and a few elementary kids) so are you as excited as I am yet?


Join us on April 26th from 11am to 9pm outside kitchener city hall for Bloomin Earth, Kitchener’s Largest Earth Day celebration!!

… interested in being a vendor, craft leader, performer, volunteer or even a designer in our fashion show? Check out the online registration for more details.


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