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massive clothing swap to be a part of Bloomin Earth, downtown Kitchener

8 Apr

clothing swap

feel free to copy and share this pic on your blog or facebook page … i made it just for that reason so share and share a like



ring in the new year with a new hat

30 Dec

today at the office we decided to throw some fun into the mix, and have an “after new years” party hat celebration (because mid january needs a pick-me-up event). now we are a serious office so we are keeping it relatively sane — but i was thinking what if we didnt…

beer box hat :: great green goods

mad hatter bag hat :: alisa burke

ball hat :: ecouterre

chip bag hat :: Boring Sidney

…. but this one is my personal favorite, and i am secretly wishing for a “bring your own funky hat” type new years party so i can get crafting on this one.

box top hat

box top hat :: shutterstock

hummm wonder what my man will wear (or what can i convince him to wear)???

Glamourous AND eco-friendly?!

6 Apr


While reading through my trendy fashion emails I stubled upon this company escamastudio offering stunning silver purses, clutches and totes. I was shocked (and excited) to find out they we’re made of hundreds of pop tabs, crochet together.

New way to print on fabric

9 Jan

You may have seen this before (if you read the other blog) but i wanted to get some of these really awesome tutorials over here before the other place is gone forever.

Bleach on Fabrics, in a good way

bleach stencil :: via stencil revolution

the artist offers a lot of tips and instructions… including one comment that is the best advice ever!!

You never get good results without craftsmanship.