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Naughty Secretary Club: A Marketing Campaign for Craft Show Vendors

13 Jul

just found an incredible article about making the best of every show you put yourself in — so good that i’m not even going to say anything more.

Now … get over to the Naughty Secretary Club and read A Marketing Campaign for Craft Show Vendors.


scrappy artist has captured my heart

12 Feb

i am so excited to have Morganna returning to the Bloomin Earth show this year i just had to share her creations. now this IS recycling. i love everything she creates and even though i told myself last year i would make a purchase, i just couldnt decide and left with nothing. well not this year baby!!

i love her setup of the displays. its so appealing to me with the jumble of colours mixed with the vintage housewares. i found myself in awe lastyear when i leaned in for a closer inspection of her creations, such incredible quality hidden under the fraying fabrics, like every stay hair was meant to be just exactly where it was. gaw. i am still in awe. and in love. THIS is a vendor you should not miss.

but dont get me wrong… there are many many incredible artists with talents to be discovered.

you may not share my passion for these particular pieces, but with so many vendors to see you’re sure to find your own obsession.

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beautiful photos attract all the right people

8 Aug

my parents had one of these chrome penguin buckets that was pulled out any time we family breakfast… well until i was about 14 — when i would rather sleep than eat breakfast with my parents. its used for hot or cold, and if i remember correctly we used it to keep our toast warm. i rediscovered them as i was searching for funky cookie and compost containers the other day.

thought it would be a good example to demonstrate yet again why your photo quality means so much to online shoppers.

Vintage 50s Chrome :: andvintage

Mid Century Penguin :: snogirl

Vintage Chrome Penguin :: MilkasTreasures

Penguin Hot Cold Serve :: myclosetshelf

West Bend Chrome :: modapple

West Bend Penguin :: RattyandCatty

Vintage Chrome Penguin :: jollytimeone

West Bend Chrome :: modapple

Vintage West Bend :: VintageEye

Vintage Penguin Motif :: MidMod

i find the photos that zoom in on the detail or those taken right in line with the item are the most attractive, and enticed me to click on them. meaning those taken above the item (ie andvintage and myclosetshelf) are not as appealing, especially when there are so many other sellers with the exact same item listed. the container itself looks like a penguin, and when you take a shot above it – you cant see that funny feature.

sometimes if the photo is taken too far back, you lose what your natural eye may capture in real life ie. snogirl. too much background taking up the shot and you cant see the penguins at all)

my favorite is the one taken outside by midmod, where you can see the photographer in the shine of the chrome. it was an incredibly shiny bucket that i thoroughly enjoyed polishing. one of the few things i actually wanted to polish. i also like the closeup from jollytimeone where you see the detail of the penguins.

the key: your photo should be interesting. whether its a closeup shot of the funny characters, or an overall view. when using in an online store the main shot is usually small. you want to draw people in saying something like “oooh i gotta get a better look of this totally cool thing”. capture what you liked best about the item whether its the handmade buttons or the funny slogan.. or the marching penguins.

make sure your lighting is as bright as possible, and the item is distinguishable from whatever is in the background (ie. mod apple – both photos the bottom of the container seems to blend into the countertop, rattyandcatty the background makes the chrome look dull. infact i have no idea how they didnt capture a reflection of the camera – kinda amazed at that one)

it helps to see them all together like this, and if ever in doubt about your photo quality or angles, take a look at the listings for those items similar to what your offering. i like to use etsy’s pounce tool, and look at all the item who recently made a sale. helps to study those sellers who are actually selling things… see if they are doing something different than you.

im off to take better photos of my own works…


Printing on unusual papers

15 Apr



I have left the printing of my own business cards until the very last minute, but there is reason, aside from procrastination.

I tried to buy cardstock so I can whip up a wack of beautiful cards… but my Eco-brain wouldn’t let me. I figured there must be a better way. I tried running (or actually pushing) the cardboard from a cerel box through my printer – but it didn’t work. I tried printing on old cardstock, but I figured the random bits of strange writing on the back might confuse some

… so I cut a stamp from this jumbo eraser I found at the dollarstore almost a year ago, and started to stamp. I might be crazy though … I want like 200+ cards.