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massive clothing swap to be a part of Bloomin Earth, downtown Kitchener

8 Apr

clothing swap

feel free to copy and share this pic on your blog or facebook page … i made it just for that reason so share and share a like



Kids drawing contest for Earth Day Festival

4 Mar

I just love the unbound, unrestricted creativity children show when drawing; No rules about perspective or lines, no concerns about other liking or approving. They just draw what they see in their own imaginations… and oooh what amazing imaginations they have.

bees picture

SO … rather than just using our basic tree, or my own drawings, on our earth day tote bags, we are going to leave it up to the kids. We want to see is “what they will do to save the earth”, like growing their own vegetables, recycling, thrift shopping… or as simple as picking up trash.


5 drawings will be selected to print onto shopping totes that will be for sale at the festival, and online

Prize: a tote with your drawing + $20 gift card to art store (or maybe toys r us)

  • no minimum age. if your child can draw, they may enter. max age 12 though (to keep the illustrations simple enough for printing)
  • writing can be added if it helps describe their illustrations. The words “HOW I WILL SAVE THE EARTH” will be added by the printers
  • please draw (or trace over lines) with thin black marker. personally i love the thin sharpies for this.
  • include child first name ONLY and age at bottom of drawing
  • We will only contact the winners. Unfortunately, drawings cannot be returned.
  • Please include contact information on a separate sheet of paper: parent name, address, phone number.

Deadline: drawings must be received by MARCH 31ST, 2013

please mail completed drawings to our office: Megan Goos, 85 Ellis Cres South, Waterloo ON N2J2B7, or email to

…. so get drawing kiddies!! this one is all about YOU!

help us gather supplies

27 Jan

hello friends,

if you are local to the KW area i am putting a request out there to help us gather supplies for the craft workshops to be offered at this year’s Bloomin Earth Eco-Fair (april 16th). The things we need are simple, as they are generally things you would toss in the trash or recycling bin, and even though i am obsessed with collecting and organizing these things in my own home… i just cant gather the quantity i need on my own.

we need:

  • cardboard food boxes – cereal, crackers, kraft dinner etc.
  • tin cans of any size – soup can, pop can, tuna even
  • scrap bits of metal – things like screws, bolts, nuts, broken (but not too sharp) metal thingys
  • buttons beads and bobbles – this kinda covers anything tiny, colourful and plastic (or wood).  our bucket usually consists of lost barbie shoes, broken hair accessories, beads of all kinds, buttons, sequins, toy accessories but we seem to be using it all up with our home crafting
  • beer bottlecaps
  • yarn (i know there are lots of uses for this one out there… so only pass our way if you really arent going to use it)
  • sheets, pillowcases or fabric you dont want

the event is in April, but  i wont make you store these things for that long. just let me know when your full, and i will have my errand fairy (aka husband) come pick them up.

just to make sure everyone else is as excited as i am… i have to share the final product your recycled items will become. for bloomin earth this year re-make-able is offering free workshops for all ages to make recycled dolls, nature masks, tin can robot statues and then you can play in the giant building blocks area to make a house, a maze or even a statue of yourself.  Eeeek so excited i cant seem to sleep — and its still 3 months away!

broken dishes adding splashes of colour outside

11 Aug

while living in the house i simply adored, we put a lot of effort into our yard. there was this sweet little path at the back of the yard leading you to the wooden compost bins, and vegetable garden. i wanted something cool along this path, especially since it saw sun almost 12 hours a day. my idea was to scatter broken pottery along with pebbles, to add a splash of colour — but this store in Provincetown, MA went above and beyond my little backyard plan…

found via sensational colour

… and covered the entire driveway with tiny splashes of colour. now im completely jealous that i don’t have a driveway that can be filled with broken plates or even gravel, and that i dont even have a backyard to create my special little pathway. perhaps you do…?

well here’s a thought..

i will live through all of you…
upload a photo of your backyard where you have incorporated recycled materials to our Flickr Group, or facebook group
i may choose your beauty to share right here in the blog.

… and then secretly dream it was in my very own yard
what’s life without dreams.

cant wait to see what YOU have created!

IDEA: Recycled bottle sprinkler

6 Jul


This was sent to me as a joke of how men fix things…. but I think its a darn cool idea!

See more at there I fixed it

Junkyard Symphony playing at Bloomin Earth!

5 Mar

did you catch the closing ceremonies of the Olympics?

because the incredible percussion group is the Junkyard Symphony

AND they will be performing at our Bloomin Earth Festival

April 24th at the Kitchener Market. The duo will be onstage both before and after the REthreaded fashion show.  oh my gosh there is so much awesome stuff happening at this years festival it truly will be an all day affair!

click on the photo to go right to their site. (do adjust your volume accordingly, as their awesome music plays automatically)

and become a fan on their facebook page to see more photos from their shows

algae for electricity

15 Apr

This morning while bored on the internet i found this cool and innovative idea, which im surprised that it hasnt been developed before. The city of Venice has plans to use algae instead of fossil fuels, producing 50% of the city’s electricity

The water-filled city is turning what has become a nuisance into a renewable energy resource. The city will be producing electricity from two types of algae that are brought in clinging to ships and regularly grow over the seaport. The algae will be cultivated and treated in laboratories to turn it into fuel. The fuel will then be used to power turbines in a new 40 MW power plant in the center of the city.

In order to make the new power plant truly carbon neutral, any CO2 produced by the process will be fed back to the algae.

The innovative project will cost the city $264 million and should be operating in two years.

via EcoWorldly via Yahoo! Green