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Bloomin earth was amazing – thanks to you!

27 Apr

First, mother nature, Thank you for finally seeing it my way. Sunshine IS way better than snow, wind and hail combined. Second I would like to thank all my eager and amazing vendors, performers and volunteers … Especially my two volunteers who graciously became assistants as I gave them way more than just volunteer duties.

Thank you Hilary, for backing me up and taking care of sales and stuff, sewing the week before the show, and staying up with me Friday to make sure everything would run smoothly. I couldn’t have done it without you!

And thank you Kim, for being my energetic and lively stage manager, entertaining the crowd with so little preparation… I know it probably drive you crazy with anxiety – but you were perfectly amazing!

My volunteers are always so eager, and I thank you for that. My vendors, are always so happy and understanding and I thank you for that.

… And the shoppers…

It may not make much sense, but without you and your kind words to my vendors this event would never move on from year to year. A happy shopper makes for a happy vendor, which makes for a lively event.

It’s you I must thank the most. Thankyou Kitchener-Waterloo for coming out to our Bloomin Earth festival at Kitchener city hall. I think we struck gold on this late April date, so watch for us next year on the last weekend of April.

Amazing day…
Amazing! No lie.


E-waste disposal in Kitchener

11 Apr

Did you know … Electronics are made from valuable natural resources, including metals, plastics and glass – all of which require loads of energy to mine and manufacture.


For example, if the 100 million cell phones ready for end-of-life management in 2006 were recycled, we would have saved enough energy to power approximately 194,000 U.S. households for a year.

Like batteries, electronics also contain heavy metals that are potentially hazardous if leached into the environment. Although e-waste only accounts for about 4 percent of municipal waste, it may be responsible for as much as 70 percent of the heavy metals in landfills, including 40 percent of all lead.

To save energy and natural resources – and prevent potentially hazardous metals from entering local ecosystems – be sure to donate, reuse or recycle your unwanted electronics every time


And did you know … Kitchener is setting up an easy drop off for you at the Bloomin Earth festival, April 27th, at city hall. Greentec-think recycle will host a drop off tent at king st and college (across from shoppers drug mart) all day – from 8am to 4pm!!

For more information on e-waste recycling Earth911.

massive clothing swap to be a part of Bloomin Earth, downtown Kitchener

8 Apr

clothing swap

feel free to copy and share this pic on your blog or facebook page … i made it just for that reason so share and share a like


Beautiful postcards for bloomin earth have arrived

5 Apr


I love when things work out… Especially when they ease my stress and life is back on track. Likewise, the unknown freaks me out… Like not knowing the outcome of colour font size when I send my media to a new printer. Sleepless nights are an understatement!

But all is good. They were a little longer to print/mail than I had hoped – but they are gorgeous and in my eager little hand.

Now I’m off to poster the world

Its almost time

27 Mar

Bloomin earth is our baby, and watching her grow over the last seven years has been the most incredible journey. This year we have been blessed with the opporunity to expand bigger than ever, taking over the streets for as long and far as we need.

We’ve been able to improve our old activities like our massive clothing swap which will now be in a jumbo tent, with donations going to the anselma house.

We’ve added many more crafty activities perfect for any age, live performances from belly dancers, swing dancers and local karate team….

Always so much to do, you won’t ever want to leave – mmmuuahahaha… Oops. I mean “yeah!”

Be sure to join our facebook event, and share with everyone you know!


Ps. Still room for vendors, performers, craft leaders, and volunteers!! Apply at

a little gift to help RareFunk

1 Jun

For the next few weeks we are gathing donationsĀ of any kind to pass along to RareFunk as a grand THANKYOU for all your time and efforts.

any amount is greatly appreciated .. please follow the link below to read more

via keep the funk ALIVE!!.

Christmas craftshow with REMAKEABLE artists, Kitchener

23 Nov


this weekend artists are gathering at l’ecole cardinal lever school atop the hill on the country way in Kitchener to showcase their incredible creations. Many new vendors are joining us this year, most from our newly established re-make-able ETSY TEAM. Come see what we have found
EVEN BETTER … enter to win something wonderful from our talented team at the raffle table.


Rawkette custom jewelry
the Straight stitch
Painted epoxy
Usborne books
Annz handz
Heads + toes
Mayte villalobos
Flutterby clips
Bad bunny puppets
Nancys vogue
Atelier besaalel

See more on the show blog