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a little gift to help RareFunk

1 Jun

For the next few weeks we are gathing donationsĀ of any kind to pass along to RareFunk as a grand THANKYOU for all your time and efforts.

any amount is greatly appreciated .. please follow the link below to read more

via keep the funk ALIVE!!.


scrappy artist has captured my heart

12 Feb

i am so excited to have Morganna returning to the Bloomin Earth show this year i just had to share her creations. now this IS recycling. i love everything she creates and even though i told myself last year i would make a purchase, i just couldnt decide and left with nothing. well not this year baby!!

i love her setup of the displays. its so appealing to me with the jumble of colours mixed with the vintage housewares. i found myself in awe lastyear when i leaned in for a closer inspection of her creations, such incredible quality hidden under the fraying fabrics, like every stay hair was meant to be just exactly where it was. gaw. i am still in awe. and in love. THIS is a vendor you should not miss.

but dont get me wrong… there are many many incredible artists with talents to be discovered.

you may not share my passion for these particular pieces, but with so many vendors to see you’re sure to find your own obsession.

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ring in the new year with a new hat

30 Dec

today at the office we decided to throw some fun into the mix, and have an “after new years” party hat celebration (because mid january needs a pick-me-up event). now we are a serious office so we are keeping it relatively sane — but i was thinking what if we didnt…

beer box hat :: great green goods

mad hatter bag hat :: alisa burke

ball hat :: ecouterre

chip bag hat :: Boring Sidney

…. but this one is my personal favorite, and i am secretly wishing for a “bring your own funky hat” type new years party so i can get crafting on this one.

box top hat

box top hat :: shutterstock

hummm wonder what my man will wear (or what can i convince him to wear)???

its going to be a promising recycled christmas

25 Nov

the crafting world has progressed so much since last year, or maybe its just that more artists are tuned into the online world, but i found so many recycled art projects that look better than anything i would ever find in a store. now to just decide who will get what…

cd clock ::

painted lanterns :: miycreations

recycled belt bracelets ::

flower hairpins :: Kayte Terry

recycled fabric birds :: this recycled life

magazine pendants :: sister diane

antique fork bracelet :: wildfirewrench

Crochet Plastic Bag Purse ::

search ONLY handmade

30 Apr

ever found yourself looking for something unique but become frustrated that the Google results gave you everything BUT what you hoped for. i found myself there today. in a bout of anger, and curiosity, i typed “search only handmade”into the search field … and low and behold, someone else felt the exact same way and developed a search engine to do just this!

… much easier than entering a long string of handmade terms in to the Google search box and crossing your fingers.
go on… try it!

Glamourous AND eco-friendly?!

6 Apr


While reading through my trendy fashion emails I stubled upon this company escamastudio offering stunning silver purses, clutches and totes. I was shocked (and excited) to find out they we’re made of hundreds of pop tabs, crochet together.

tutorial: paper + fabric flowers for spring

2 Mar

Paper Flower Table Setting

Paper Flowers Tutorial :: Wendy Chung of Dozi Design via Craftershock


Fabric Flower Garland Tutorial :: Katye Terry (this is love forever) via Creature Comforts