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a little gift to help RareFunk

1 Jun

For the next few weeks we are gathing donations of any kind to pass along to RareFunk as a grand THANKYOU for all your time and efforts.

any amount is greatly appreciated .. please follow the link below to read more

via keep the funk ALIVE!!.


broken dishes adding splashes of colour outside

11 Aug

while living in the house i simply adored, we put a lot of effort into our yard. there was this sweet little path at the back of the yard leading you to the wooden compost bins, and vegetable garden. i wanted something cool along this path, especially since it saw sun almost 12 hours a day. my idea was to scatter broken pottery along with pebbles, to add a splash of colour — but this store in Provincetown, MA went above and beyond my little backyard plan…

found via sensational colour

… and covered the entire driveway with tiny splashes of colour. now im completely jealous that i don’t have a driveway that can be filled with broken plates or even gravel, and that i dont even have a backyard to create my special little pathway. perhaps you do…?

well here’s a thought..

i will live through all of you…
upload a photo of your backyard where you have incorporated recycled materials to our Flickr Group, or facebook group
i may choose your beauty to share right here in the blog.

… and then secretly dream it was in my very own yard
what’s life without dreams.

cant wait to see what YOU have created!

IDEA: Recycled bottle sprinkler

6 Jul


This was sent to me as a joke of how men fix things…. but I think its a darn cool idea!

See more at there I fixed it

Tutorial: Burried Compost Bin

8 Jun


Scrap Digester :: the Vegetable Gardener

Just found this amazing little tutorial to turn a metal garbage can into a quick composter

I’m definitely opting for this method instead of the green bins distributed by the city. They aren’t what I expected as they are not designed to let bugs in or out… which i have learned doesnt bode well for the whole decomposition game.

Now to pick a good shady location in my itty-bitty backyard.

(i apologize to those who already read this — spelling errors and all. Posting from my cell is not as productive as i originally thought. plus now i actually included the LINK to the tutorial lol)

Spring pinecone crafts

2 Apr


After moving into a beautiful newly renovated house I find myself a little detached from my eclectic recycled style. I mean everything is so clean and new, compared to my mismatched and handmade. Despite my husband desire to cut out all the nicknacky things… I am going to attempt to bring it back. Maybe this time replace the new pillow with old – not just add to the massive collection.

Modern + sleek is still possible with organic and recycled bits.

The iside of the house is coming along, but the outside was calling our names today. The little princess collected a box full of mini pinecones, meaning I needed to find a craft for them…

Pinecone + ribbon garland

Mini pinecone trees

Spring wreath

Pinecone earrings

But I love these best of all…
Mini pinecone magic wands

Goes well with our new fairy house

remedy: keep the bugs off

5 Jun


  • Don’t wear dark clothing as it will attract the buzzers.
  • Don’t use fragrances especially floral fragrances.
  • Don’t leave standing water around in birth baths etc.
  • Don’t Garden during Dusk & Dawn : Mosquitoes are more active during dusk and dawn. Head inside for 30 minutes, just as the sun goes down, then back outside when it’s dark, for those starlit nights

Plants that repel mosquitos:

  • Rosemary
  • Ageratum
  • Marigolds
  • Catnip

Note plants will repel however it’s best when they are crushed and oils are used or even just taking a leaf and rubbing it on!!

Natural Mosquito Reciepe:

Use catnip oil to make a spray. Mix about a half-teaspoon of essential oil of catnip with 1 cup isopropyl alcohol and 1 cup water. Shake well and spray lightly on clothing, arms and legs. Do not use on children, pets or people sensitive to catnip.

· Brew a catnip and vinegar spritz. Crush 2 cups catnip leaves and add to 3 cups white or rice vinegar in a quart jar. Seal and store in dark cupboard. Shake every day for 2 weeks. Strain mixture into clean jar and refrigerate. Use as a light spritz on clothes, arms or legs. Some say the vinegar keeps the mosquitoes away, other say the catnip does the work.

Gather 2 cups catnip and 1 cup rosemary leaves. Crush the leaves by using a rolling pin or scrunching them with your hands. Put the leaves in a clean jar and cover with 2 cups unscented body care oil or vegetable glycerin. Store in a cool dark cupboard for 2 weeks. Shake the jar lightly every day. After 2 weeks, strain out the leaves and pour the oil into a clean jar. Refrigerate and use the catnip body oil as needed

Reipes from

via BT Toronto Blogs » Frankie Flowers.

what to compost

2 Apr

I am so glad that the ground, and my compost pile, has finally thawed. Time to get back on track…

A well cared for compost pile will reward you with a nutrient-rich, earth-smelling conditioner you can add to planters, window boxes, flower beds, shrub borders – or any other landscape site. You will also be rewarded by knowing that by reducing, reusing and recycling your waste, you are helping to conserve our precious environment. Landscape Ontario

Wondering what to compost? Here is a list from the region of waterloo’s *Green Bin Program.

Acceptable Items
Baked goods – e.g. bread, cakes, cookies, dough, pies
Butcher paper
Butter & margarine
Cat litter
Coffee cups (PAPER, no lids)
Coffee filters, grounds
Corn cobs, husks
Cotton balls
Dairy products – e.g. cheese, sour cream, yogurt
Dryer lint
Dryer sheets
Eggs, eggshells
Facial tissues
Fish, fish parts
Flour bags
Grains & rice
Gravy & sauces
Grease, lards, fats
Herbs & spices
Houseplant waste
Jams & jellies
Meat, meat products, bones
Muffin/baking cups (paper)
Nail clippings
Nuts & shells
Paper bags
Paper fast food packaging
Paper napkins
Paper plates
Parchment paper
Peanut butter
Pencil shavings
Pet bedding, droppings
Pizza boxes
Play dough (homemade)
Popsicle sticks
Popcorn bags (microwave)
Salad & dressings
Shredded paper
Snack foods
Sugar & sweetener packets
Sugar & syrups
Sugar bags
Tea bags (except Lipton pyramid tea bags)
Toothpicks (wood)
Vacuum bags (no plastic)
Vegetables – including waxed vegetables such as rutabaga
Wood ashes (cold)
Wood chips
Not Acceptable
Batteries, paint & other hazardous waste
Biodegradable plastic bags
Chewing gum
Cigarette butts & ashes
Cleaning sponges
Cutlery (metal, plastic)
Dental floss/tape, toothbrushes
Lipton Pyramid Tea (plastic mesh tea bag)
Metal – anything in part or as a whole is made of metal of any kind)
Plastic – plastic bags, biodegradable plastic bags, plastic containers, plastic wrap, etc.
Sanitary products – (personal)
Water softener salt
Waxed paper
Wood, treated wood
Recyclables – place in blue boxYard Waste – compost in back yard, set out during seasonal pickup, bring to transfer station

* The Green Bin Program was introduced to select areas of the Waterloo region as a way to save compostable materials from the landfills, and then transport the scraps to Thorold, as kitchener doesnt have the facilities to process the materials.

What? what facilities? Why not teach people how to compost in their OWN yard. Why use money to truck somewhere else, and then bring back? I would rather use this special airated bin to collect MY own kitchen scraps, and then use in MY own yard.

Even if you dont have a beautiful green bin you should continue to compost the traditional way… with a box bin or pile in a shady corner of the yard. Here are some solutions to some problems you may run into.

The compost has a bad odour Not enough air, or too wet Turn it
The centre of the pile is dry Not enough water Moisten materials while turning the pile
The compost is damp and warm in the middle but nowhere else Too small Collect more material and mix the old ingredients into a new pile
The heap is damp and sweet-smelling but still will not heat up Lack of nitrogen Mix in a nitrogen source (fresh grass clippings, fresh manure, bloodmeal, or commercial fertilizer high in nitrogen

Outdoor Composters are available at no charge at the following locations:

  • Waterloo Landfill, Administration Building, 925 Erb St. W., Gate 1, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Cambridge Landfill, 201 Savage Dr., Monday – Saturday, 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Elmira Transfer Station, end of Howard Ave., Tuesday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and Saturdays 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

* One composting unit per household *