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50% off sales at talize may 14 + salvation army stores may 11

9 May

Just wanted to share this sale as It’s a nice big one 50% off ladies/kidswear + accessories at salvation army May 11 from 9am-9pm OR 50% off all green + blue tagged items at talize May 14 … PLUS double the points day! I don’t know if your like me, but I just can’t turn down a sale – especially when the prices are so low to begin with.. bring on the $2 purses!!


junk lovin: Map to my heart

17 Feb

decoupaged dresser :: Nova + Lorsten

This super duo, Nova + Lorsten, has dominated any furniture within arms reach with a simple touch of paper and glue. i am crazy in love with this reclaimed dresser/side table dressed in discarded maps. check out more of their works

junk lovin’: scavenger artist Mark Orr

14 Feb

Scavenger designer, Mark Orr, uses a raven as its considered the most intelligent of the birds, known for collecting bright, shiny or colorful objects to decorate their nests. Mark feels they are a perfect representation of his “scavenger” creations… i think its just gosh darn awesome. the simplicity in the design of the bird is almost arrogant, like “yeah. im here. what’s it to ya?!”

did you know:  When a Raven~Crow is perched on a ball he serves as a representation of living in balance.

most of the works i want are sold out (go figure) but its now a favorite in my bookmarks, and eventually this one below will be mine!

Raven on Billiard Ball :: Mark Orr Scavenger Artist

Northwest coastal tribes believed Raven was the creator of the Heavens, the Earth and the Sea. It was he who brought forth the light and lifted us out of the darkness. He was very wise but he was also known to be a “trickster”.