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E-waste disposal in Kitchener

11 Apr

Did you know … Electronics are made from valuable natural resources, including metals, plastics and glass – all of which require loads of energy to mine and manufacture.


For example, if the 100 million cell phones ready for end-of-life management in 2006 were recycled, we would have saved enough energy to power approximately 194,000 U.S. households for a year.

Like batteries, electronics also contain heavy metals that are potentially hazardous if leached into the environment. Although e-waste only accounts for about 4 percent of municipal waste, it may be responsible for as much as 70 percent of the heavy metals in landfills, including 40 percent of all lead.

To save energy and natural resources – and prevent potentially hazardous metals from entering local ecosystems – be sure to donate, reuse or recycle your unwanted electronics every time


And did you know … Kitchener is setting up an easy drop off for you at the Bloomin Earth festival, April 27th, at city hall. Greentec-think recycle will host a drop off tent at king st and college (across from shoppers drug mart) all day – from 8am to 4pm!!

For more information on e-waste recycling Earth911.