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Tutorial: Burried Compost Bin

8 Jun


Scrap Digester :: the Vegetable Gardener

Just found this amazing little tutorial to turn a metal garbage can into a quick composter

I’m definitely opting for this method instead of the green bins distributed by the city. They aren’t what I expected as they are not designed to let bugs in or out… which i have learned doesnt bode well for the whole decomposition game.

Now to pick a good shady location in my itty-bitty backyard.

(i apologize to those who already read this — spelling errors and all. Posting from my cell is not as productive as i originally thought. plus now i actually included the LINK to the tutorial lol)


tutorial: summer newspaper basket

22 May
newpaper basket by talibuchler.

newspaper basket photo :: talibuchler via recycled craft (Pool)
Tali, mother of two in sunny california, is offering an incredible tutorial for this simple summer basket for the kiddies. Sadly in my household we have declined newspaper delivery, and even sent our massive stock of old papers to recycling … someone didnt see the point in moving recyclable materials from one house to another. sigh.
but im sure a quick check of the neighbors blue bins would fix this… or maybe you have another suggestion of materials, or where to find old papers?
happy crafting!


tutorial: recycled beer case mailer

6 Mar

Since I started listing scrap packs in my shop, I’ve been going through mailers like nobody’s business! I’d already worked through the stash I’d set aside from packages that came to us, and using brand new ones just felt so wasteful. Instead, I decided to raid the recycle bin and see about whipping up some mailers of my own!


All you need to make your very own are: a pair of scissors, some packing tape, and thin, scrap cardboard from the bin. I used an empty six pack caddy that was left over from a party at our place.

If you’re using a six pack, just use your scissors to cut the faces off of the front and back:
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tutorial: newspaper yarn

5 Mar

ever wonder how you can make your next knitting project totally recycled?

take a look at the innovative recycled yarn Greenupgrader has created, following the design studios of Greetje van Tiem and her “Indruk” project


newspaper yarn :: greenupgrader

now… if only i had the patience to learn to knit.

tutorial: paper + fabric flowers for spring

2 Mar

Paper Flower Table Setting

Paper Flowers Tutorial :: Wendy Chung of Dozi Design via Craftershock


Fabric Flower Garland Tutorial :: Katye Terry (this is love forever) via Creature Comforts

inside my sustainable house

15 Feb

.. if i had one…

tshirt shag rug

shag tshirt rug :: old picture i saved a long time ago

a tshirt shag rug….

about two years ago now i came across a tutorial for a shag rug made from tshirts. it was similar to the one in the picture, where 2″ strips were knotted onto a base. except the base was also made from the tshirts. sigh.

until i find that tutorial again i will settle for a tshirt braided rug

Braided Rug Tutorial :: Moda Bake Shop

Megan Goos is an independent crafter living in Ontario, Canada with her husband and daughter. She is obsessed with recycled crafting and while the house is overflowing with materials to eventually use, so is her head. Find more about her recycled creations on her blog ithinkirock

Valentines Flowers

12 Feb

This could be fun for a lot of different occasions like birthdays, shower favours etc simply by choosing different colours and even changing the size of the flower.  Since Valentine’s Day is literally around the corner I decided to make these flowers for my daughters Kindergarten class.

I got the idea from LiveLaughFoodCraft, who got the idea from Disney Family Fun.

I didn’t take any pics of the progress, sorry, but I did make a few changes based on the materials I had available to me.

I used red tissue paper and did 4 layers of paper.  I cut the squares 4.5″ the same as in the first tutorial and this worked perfect because my tissue paper was just the right size to make 5 flowers from each sheet.

I didn’t have any pipe cleaners on hand and since I was giving this to kindergarten kids, I didn’t really want to use any wire though I did consider twist ties at one point.  I used string instead.

Since I wasn’t using pipe cleaner or wire I needed something to attach the flowers to the suckers.  I happened to have some florist tape on hand so I just wound that around the string and sucker stick making sure that I wrapped a little bit of the flower to the stick as well to make it a bit sturdier.

And voila! 15 cute little valentine flowers for my daughter’s class!  I still need to get her to sign some little cards to attach to each one but there are still a couple of days. 🙂

Just to recap my materials:

red tissue paper
lollipops or suckers (I got heart-shaped ones at the bulk store)
florist tape

I also added heart-shaped cards so my daughter could write who they were from.

Donna Giroux is an independent crafter living in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two children.

You can find more of her writing about recycling materials, and reconstructing clothing at Punkn’