Beautiful postcards for bloomin earth have arrived

5 Apr


I love when things work out… Especially when they ease my stress and life is back on track. Likewise, the unknown freaks me out… Like not knowing the outcome of colour font size when I send my media to a new printer. Sleepless nights are an understatement!

But all is good. They were a little longer to print/mail than I had hoped – but they are gorgeous and in my eager little hand.

Now I’m off to poster the world


Its almost time

27 Mar

Bloomin earth is our baby, and watching her grow over the last seven years has been the most incredible journey. This year we have been blessed with the opporunity to expand bigger than ever, taking over the streets for as long and far as we need.

We’ve been able to improve our old activities like our massive clothing swap which will now be in a jumbo tent, with donations going to the anselma house.

We’ve added many more crafty activities perfect for any age, live performances from belly dancers, swing dancers and local karate team….

Always so much to do, you won’t ever want to leave – mmmuuahahaha… Oops. I mean “yeah!”

Be sure to join our facebook event, and share with everyone you know!


Ps. Still room for vendors, performers, craft leaders, and volunteers!! Apply at

Kids drawing contest for Earth Day Festival

4 Mar

I just love the unbound, unrestricted creativity children show when drawing; No rules about perspective or lines, no concerns about other liking or approving. They just draw what they see in their own imaginations… and oooh what amazing imaginations they have.

bees picture

SO … rather than just using our basic tree, or my own drawings, on our earth day tote bags, we are going to leave it up to the kids. We want to see is “what they will do to save the earth”, like growing their own vegetables, recycling, thrift shopping… or as simple as picking up trash.


5 drawings will be selected to print onto shopping totes that will be for sale at the festival, and online

Prize: a tote with your drawing + $20 gift card to art store (or maybe toys r us)

  • no minimum age. if your child can draw, they may enter. max age 12 though (to keep the illustrations simple enough for printing)
  • writing can be added if it helps describe their illustrations. The words “HOW I WILL SAVE THE EARTH” will be added by the printers
  • please draw (or trace over lines) with thin black marker. personally i love the thin sharpies for this.
  • include child first name ONLY and age at bottom of drawing
  • We will only contact the winners. Unfortunately, drawings cannot be returned.
  • Please include contact information on a separate sheet of paper: parent name, address, phone number.

Deadline: drawings must be received by MARCH 31ST, 2013

please mail completed drawings to our office: Megan Goos, 85 Ellis Cres South, Waterloo ON N2J2B7, or email to

…. so get drawing kiddies!! this one is all about YOU!

Earth Day rocks in Kitchener for 2013

25 Jan

I’ve been away for a while, attempting to hit fame with my own crafty business, and i apologize. Hopefully you follow us on Facebook and Pinterest, because I’ve been in there like a crazy person. AAAnyways… I’m back and i have some fun stuff to share that i just can’t keep it inside anymore.

This year our earth day show is takin a big step … into awesomeness. We’ve all heard the suggestion that the passion for our planet should extend beyond “earth day”and I firmly agree… therefore Bloomin Earth is starting a new trend – Earth MONTH!

We are planning eco-friendly activities, lessons, seminars and discussions ALL MONTH LONG. Yeah. We are taking over city hall for the whole month!!

We are still in the planning stages, but i really couldnt keep this inside any longer. We hope to have a calendar released soon but here are a few things to keep your eyes open for…

  • Make a tshirt rugs
  • Save a sweater with felting
  • Revive old jeans with embroidery + beads
  • Beginner Weaving
  • Fabric Jewelry
  • Monster making (sewing for kids or beginners)
  • Massive clothing swap (proposed date April 20th) $5 + one bag of clothes

There will be a fee to attend, but we are working to try keep these as low as possible.

We also have plans to add Seminar’s for small business owners, helping you take the right steps towards success.

** We are still looking for leaders if you have a skill to share. It is a compensated position. Please see our online registration, or email meg at if you have any questions

AND KEEP WATCHIN THE BLOG, I’m back on track, and I won’t ever leave you alone for so long again.

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a little gift to help RareFunk

1 Jun

For the next few weeks we are gathing donationsĀ of any kind to pass along to RareFunk as a grand THANKYOU for all your time and efforts.

any amount is greatly appreciated .. please follow the link below to read more

via keep the funk ALIVE!!.

losing the best little art shop in K-town

31 May

I am very sad to share that the greatest little shop for vintage funk and artists creations has come to their end, and even sadder is that i see this happening to shops offering handmade goods all across the world. They make it to 5 years, and then kaput!

This shop I’m speaking of is RareFunk, and its right here in Kitchener.

RareFunk is the only shop of its kind, offering jewelry, clothing, and housewares to dolls, purses and even funky undergarments! there is nothing else of its kind in Kitchener, and nothing offering this diverse range of items in any of the surrounding cities either. most are just jewelry, or just housewares. But its closure is going to effect a lot more than just our ability to purchase funky gifts for all our loved ones. Tamara, the owner, is more than just a shop keeper. Shes a motivator of artists, encouraging all of us to be bigger and better than we think we are. She’s a promoter of art related events, enthusiastically spreading the word of local shows even though the activity has nothing to do with her shop. She built a large community around a tiny little trend, and all of these Kitchener artists – and art events – really have Tamara to thank. She is our leader — and i worry how connected we will all stay without her.

As an artist selling goods through the shop i worry about the success of my own crafting business without the help of RareFunk. She was an easy connection to my customers, and i really relied on her advice and ideas, as well as the feedback she was able to share based on my consumers opinion – “ooh this one is waaaay too much money” … “woah this one is awesome! i want SEVEN”. Easy was the key, as my little clothing line unfortunately is not my only job, leaving little time to do what it takes all by myself to become famous. I’m not saying i wont keep trying, just that now it will be more difficult, and time consuming

if you’ve read this blog before, you will know i am also the organizers of a huge earthday festival (bloomin earth) … which i fear will also suffer from the loss of this shop. Artsy folk who shop at RareFunk are the very people who attend our show and buy from our vendors. if the shop is gone, they will have no reason to come downtown. eventually they will find another favorite shop … will their connection to what used to be bring them back for all the art shows Kitchener has to offer? Have we created a tight enough community of artists and art lovers that will be able to sustain itself without its fearless leader? … or will it fizzle off until someone else steps up to the plate?

WHAT!? you’ve never heard of RareFunk?! well there’s the issue right there.

why haven’t you checked it out yet? Now, im not ordering you to do it (not really) … im actually interested in why you may not have ever entered the funky doors of the unique little shop. Were you unable to find it? Were you just not interested in buying handmade? Were you unable to travel downtown Kitchener? Or perhaps you dont buy gifts for other people (ooops that one was rather sarcastic – sorry). really though, i want to know.

You see… i too had a dream of opening a shop. but is Kitchener just the wrong place? is it inevitable that all art shops born here will die?

for the purpose of future growth, please share this post so others can share why they do or dont shop handmade in Kitchener

50% off sales at talize may 14 + salvation army stores may 11

9 May

Just wanted to share this sale as It’s a nice big one 50% off ladies/kidswear + accessories at salvation army May 11 from 9am-9pm OR 50% off all green + blue tagged items at talize May 14 … PLUS double the points day! I don’t know if your like me, but I just can’t turn down a sale – especially when the prices are so low to begin with.. bring on the $2 purses!!